Is solar power right for me?

Residential and Commercial Solar power is an affordable option! You can have solar installed with no money down and start saving today.  If you want to save money and reduce your carbon footprint then click here and get more information.

Emergency Planning For Schools & Business

Our group of experts can help you develop a realistic plan that not only meets your specific needs but also fits within your budget. Because knowledge is the key to success when it comes to creating an emergency plan, we will provide customized training for your staff. Also included is a 90 minute presentation designed to educate the children’s parents about the school’s emergency management plan as well as how they too can be better prepared at home for the unexpected.

Disaster Preparedness Kits and Supplies

Don’t delay prepare today. Our kits are made to last and exceed the Ready.Gov standards. Our kits start with a military grade pack that will not fall apart when you actually use it. Best of all, your satisfaction is guaranteed.