Tonight I Used My Roadside Kit

The winter season has come on strong this week and I thought it was a good time to share this BLOG entry again. It is a true story based on my own experience.

Original Posting Date:  Dec, 28 2011

Keep one if your car – Just in case.

Tonight I needed to use my roadside emergency kit. I usually keep mine in my truck because that is the vehicle that I commute to work in. Today, however, we were getting ready for a family excursion to Montreal Canada. At the last second, I grabbed my kit and threw it in the trunk of the car. As luck would have it, it was raining outside. That should have been a warning about things to come but I am an experienced winter driver so was not very concerned. By the time we hit the mountains, the rain had started to freeze and change to snow. Still I was not worried untill we were on the Franconia Notch Parkway. We were going up the big hill at about 25 miles per hour and started to loose traction. In a few feet, we were stopped with no forward momentum to get going.

Fortunately, I did make the decision to pack the emergency kit. A passing truck stopped by and using the flashlight in the kit and the tow rope, he was able to tow us up the hill where we could get restarted on the downhill side.

The kit I packed was the basic kit that we offer with a few modifications. Once we get back from our north country trip the modified kit will become our production kit. check back in a few days for news. Here is a summary of what I learned on this trip:

1. Pack an emergency kit you may not think you will need it but that is the point. We were prepared to help ourselves and to help others if needed.

2. Make sure your kit includes a tow rope capable of towing your car or truck if needed. Don’t forget a flashlight and other handy tools. You may need them.

3. Make sure you include food and water. The production version of this kit will include food and water. If you look at the photo of the kit, you will see that my daughter threw in a couple of bags of chips but if we’re we’re stranded for a few hours something more substantial would have been nice. Some water would have been good too.

4. The bottom line is that whether you are going around the block or on a several day road trip. You should have an emergency kit packed in your car. You never know when you may need it. And not only could it save your life… It could save someone else too.

Take care, stay safe, and happy travels.

Posted from Littleton, New Hampshire, United States.

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