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Emergency Planning FAQ

Why do you need to be prepared for emergencies?


Every State has many highly trained public safety professionals, such as police officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel. But they can't be everywhere and during a major disaster they are likely to be very busy. In the few moments it takes until help arrives, you are the first responder. If you and your family, business or other organization are prepared for an emergency you are more likely to survive and minimize injuries and damage.

What types of emergency should I prepare for? 

There are several different types of disasters. But, some disasters are more likely than others. In most parts of the county, it makes sense to plan for weather related disasters like Storms, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, ect. some other parts of the nation need to worry about earthquakes and maybe even volcanoes. Towns, schools and other organizations also need to be prepared for human caused disasters, criminal activity, terrorism, ect. 


I am an Emergency planner for a town, school or organization, where can I go for more information?


Your state Department of Emergency Management should have many of the resources that you need.
How can PHI Emergency Management Solutions Help Me.
PHI EM Solutions can assist in analyzing your need, setting up planning, mitigation, and response strategies, developing sustainable resourcing plans, and building customized logistics packages that meet your needs. We are your problem solving team....
How Do I contact PHI Emergency Management Solutions?
Send an E-mail to Ralph@PHI-EMsolutions.com and we will help you find the right solution...