A New Vision for Electricity

We believe that it is possible to provide common sense solutions to the challenges that we face on a local and global level. With each passing day, we seem to become more aware of the merging of economic, environmental and social problems. It is becoming increasingly clear that all these issues are interconnected and that the path we are on is unsustainable.

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We believe strongly that all these problems have solutions and we can no longer wait for governments or corporations to provide the leadership that is necessary to implement these solutions and it is our intention to start a grassroots movement focused on constructive change.Through the establishment of a solar energy network and the promotion of local and sustainable agriculture, we are building stronger local economies by having a positive impact on the environment and strengthening the social fabric of our communities.

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The Community Solar Gardens that we develop to generate electricity require land or roof space, which we lease from property owners, referred to as the “Host”. Often these property owners are farmers, and one form of a compensation is a greenhouse(s) constructed on their land or the other option is a traditional long term lease payment. In addition, building, mill, warehouse, storage facility & mall owners can be a beneficial host and experience increased property values through a long term roof &/or land lease.

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Another key component to our business is to create “Groups” that share the value of the solar electricity from the solar gardens. By signing up for a group, homeowners, businesses, schools &/or towns will benefit by receiving a bi-annual payment, aka a “Solar Rebate  ” for the equivalent of up to 1 cent off their current electric kWh rate while having a membership to a community garden (when available) or option to purchase fresh vegetables or meats from one of our farmers.  Click here to get more information or to become a group member. 


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