Backup Power and Renewable Energy

Solar Hot Air System at Sanborn Regional High SchoolPHI Management Solutions is in a position to engineer, construct, and finance under Power Purchase Agreement up to 30 Megawatts of Solar PV Power.  PHI in partnership with Simply Solar and Revolution Energy have bundled together a robust package to incorporate state of the art solar inverters, batteries and PV to support any backup power system for residential, commercial and Government applications.  This system was officially unveiled by Ralph Huber, president of PHI, and Clay Mitchell, President of Revolution Energy, on WSMN Radio 1590AM Nashua, NH. Click here to listen to the PODCAST

Click here to learn more about our Backup power options

Click here to learn more about our Backup power options

The system is designed to work like a hybrid car. A battery pack is installed to power the building and the batteries are then charged either by solar energy, grid power, or a generator.  The solar provides benefits all of the time by reducing the amount of energy purchased by the power grid.  When this system is combined with a small backup generator it can function independently of the power grid for an indefinite period.  This system can be sized to meet virtually any requirement. Read more about this system by clicking Solar PV w battery back up.

In many cases the system can be installed without any up front capital expenses through the use of Power Purchase Agreements or PPAs are a way to finance an energy project where the end user enters into a long term agreement to purchase the energy generated by the system similar to the way you purchase power from your electric provider already.

Solar Development

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These systems are great for schools, emergency facilities, distribution centers and just about anywhere else where shutting down during a power failure is not an option.

In addition to the solar backup power system, we also offer solar hot air technology. In this application outside air is preheated using the energy of the sun and injected into the building air handling system. This reduces the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of the air and heat the building.  This type of system can also be purchased under PPA, as well, and the financial savings can be significant over time. And, these systems can either be retrofitted to fit existing buildings or they can also be incorporated during the design phase. Learn more by clicking Solar hot air.


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