We work hard to ensure that all of our clients get more than they paid for and believe that our products and services need both met a need and add value over the long term.

Here are what some of our clients have said about us:

Emergency Planning

Rochester Child Care Center“We had a good emergency plan, but PHI made us better and helped us find the planning gaps that we did not realize were there.”

Chris, Director of RCCC

Learning Skills Academy

“Whenever we have a challenge, the PHI team is there for us and never fails to help us find a solution.” “

Karen, Director of LSA



“This team generated a lot of discussion amongst our staff.  They made the training interesting and fun.”

Janice, Director of EDUCARE



Read about Gary's Zombie Wedding

Zombie Wedding? Read more.

“I had been talking with my fiance about getting an emergency kit together for many years but the cost of getting the essentials was to say the least, exorbitant. After lots of internet searching, comparing, discussing on what kits were quality made with the proper equipment for emergencies (or a zombie apocalypse) we decided on the aforementioned kit.”

Gary from Alabama




 Community Support

Great Bay Kids company Thank You Letter

Click on the picture to read the thank you letter from Great Bay Kids Company.



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